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We Use The Right Equipment For Your Needs !!

High Powered Vacuum Trucks With Powerful Air Compressors, Rotatory Brush Systems And Power Whips With The Last Technology.

We Have The Three Main Types Of Vacuum Collection Devices

Truck Powered

Our super truck powered is powered by the truck’s engine and is connected to the furnace via pipe.

The power vacuum produces a 14,000 cubic foot per minute

Draw through your heating systems’s ductwork, cleaning the debris out of your home and into our truck.

Truck Mounted

Very handy unit. Powerful enough to pick up construction debris, dust, toys, and many other things that can be found in any residential or comercial air duct cleaning job.

Vacuum and compressor with gas system mounted in a van

This unit is special for doing residential duct cleaning, generally used in town houses complex and condominiums where a big truk can’t fit.

Fits in almost any parking stall or underground parkades

Portable Electric Vacuum

This vacuum is usefull to access places where big trucks cannot reach, like high rise apartments, condominium buildings, commercial buildings and HVAC systems located in attics, upper floors or crawl space.

We have the Revolution Hybrid Vacuum Portable wich works with 220v and is equiped with HEPA Filtration.

Used in Indoors applications. For being electric and having HEPA filtration, doesn’t contaminate the environment and has the necessary suction to clean any residential or commercial building.

The Cobra View Camera System

We can see and show the customer, the states of the ducts before, during and after the cleaning, for that reason our work is guarantee.

The Cobra Video System allows us to perform a complete and quality furnace and duct cleaning service.

We can observe the interiors of the ducts while we do the duct cleaning and ensure, nothing has been left behind on the Ductwork, AC coils, Heat exchangers or even check all other tight spaces needing inspection.

Agitating Devices

They are Air or mechanically driven, allowing us to lose and get rid of all the contaminants like dust, pet dander, pollen, construction debris etc. Stuck inside the HVAC system of the building.

Forward & reverse skippers, Brushes and air whips.

Most of the Duct cleaners, just blow presuure air to lose the contaminants inside of the HVAC system. We know for a fact that is usually necessary, being more aggressive in order to get better results, even though we have to invest on tools and spend more time when doing the actual duct cleaning, We just know how to do it on the right way !

This is a win win solution because we need you living in a healthy environment and you having us as your furnace and duct cleaning provider for ever.