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Residential And Commercial

Our Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning Process

Video Inspection

Using a video inspection system we can show you, your ducts before, during, and after the cleaning process

Drop Sheets

We use drop sheets to protect walls, windows, floors and carpets

Open Up Access Ports

We properly open up access ports in the supply and return side of the system to allow it for inspection and cleaning


Our High-powered vacuum or portable vacuum equiped with HEPA filter is connected into the HVAC system to exhaust dust and pollutant particles out of the system of the house or commercial building


Vent registers and grills are sealed to keep the suction of the vacuum and avoid dust to come back into the house

Return Ductwork

Grills and Registers of Supply and return ductwork are removed and ductwork is mechanically cleaned with modern high-powered hoses and agitating devices to loose the dirt and debris wich is being removed by the vacuum

Allergens And Contaminants

Allergens and contaminants such as dust, mold, fungus, bacterium, pet dander and dust mites are removed from the system and captured in our vacuum unit

Whipping Clean

Whipping clean the furnace inside and outside

System Is Evaluated For Performance

  • Furnace thermostat
  • Furnace draft inducer motor
  • Furnace blower belt and bearings
  • Furnace flame sensor rod
  • Furnace burners
  • Heat exchanger

Removable Cap-Plugs

After completing the duct cleaning and furnace cleaning & inspection, the technician will properly seal the ductwork with removable cap-plugs and metal access cover plates


After your furnace and duct cleaning is finished, a hospital grade pure botanical a disinfectant product is applied

Cleaning your HVAC system;
leaves a clean and joyful environment
in your house or office

Enjoy a cleaner and healthier indoor air after aires furnace and duct cleaning completes your residential or commercial furnace and air duct cleaning in Edmonton and surrounding areas